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Our signature combination of convenience, effectiveness, safety, and affordability makes The HITFIT Gym a unique franchise opportunity in a continually growing industry.

A Passion For Fitness

Being a HITFIT Gym franchise owner may be a great opportunity for you if you enjoy health and fitness and are excited about helping others create healthier versions of themselves.

Who Is A

Good Fit?

While you will hire certified personal trainers, we recommend franchise owners have some type of exercise background. HITFIT owners should follow a healthy lifestyle to properly represent the HITFIT brand.

A few other qualities that will help you on the path to success include:

What it

Looks Like

Your days will consist of interacting with members and helping to make a difference in their lives. Our vision for each HITFIT Gym is that members will always know the franchise owner.
The Gym & Fitness Franchise Industry Has Grown 7.2 Billion Over The Last 5 Years

WE Make it Easy

To Work out

At-home workout programs are popular among busy people because it’s easy to follow along with a video from the comfort of home. But, are they doing it correctly to ensure maximum results and prevent injury, or are they doing it at all? Though it’s not their living room, members don’t need to schedule classes with us. At HITFIT, they complete their workouts whenever and however often they want.

Our library of over 700 custom interactive workouts offers continual variety for both mind and body. Each of our gyms is comfortable, clean, and fun with a supportive environment facilitated by onsite fitness experts.


Members come whenever it fits into their schedule – no specific class times!


Onsite personal trainers offer guidance and support as needed.


Unlimited access to over 700 pre-designed workouts.


Maximize results with our 35-minute custom workout circuits.

Franchise Fee


Initial Investment

$133K - $199.5K



The opportunity exists to build an efficient recurring income stream with each HITFIT Gym location.

The initial franchise fee is $39,000 with an overall average estimated initial investment of $133,400 – $199,500. This includes location, equipment, technology, installation, software, licensing and permits, and more.

Our close involvement in the setup process of each franchise location helps us keep setup costs as reasonable as possible for each new owner.

Full details will be provided to interested, qualified potential franchisees. Contact us for more information: (407) 982-7747, ext. 101  |

We strive to make the process as easy as possible from start to finish. We are here every step of the way, and we always will be.

We Are Here

For you

When we begin working with each new franchise owner, we provide software and training manuals in addition to onsite training. Our team will be on location with each new franchise for up to 30 days.

We build much of the needed furniture and equipment and assist with installation to ensure HITFIT brand cohesiveness. We are also available to lend a hand with project management or carpentry needs.

Are Your Ready TO Join The HitFit Family?

New franchise owners can expect to be fully operational within 2-6 months.


The Franchise Application


An Introductory Meeting

REview & Sign

Franchise Disclosure Agreement


Franchise Fee


Your Hitfit Training & Open For Business

Let's Get


Full details will be provided to interested, qualified potential franchisees. Contact us for more information: (407) 982-7747, ext. 101 |

To learn more about franchising with HITFIT, fill out the form below or come visit one of our locations.

The HitFit Gym Logo

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